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3 Production Houses Founded by SAE Alumni

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Since the first semester of SAE’s courses, students have been taught how to work in the creative media industry. Not only how to work, but it also builds its own business with initiative, capabilities, and extensive connections. Here are 3 Production Houses (PH) founded by SAE alumni:


  1. Pasteurisasi

Pasteurisasi is a PH founded by SAE Film alumni, Faris Naufal Pratomo. Since its establishment in 2018, Pasteurisasi has worked on many music video video projects, including . Feast, Laze, Wicigo Shawty, Armor, Janu Rahadi, Nayaka, Danilla, and many more. Not only music video, Pasteurisasi also worked on Mobile Legends and Premiere League event for RevivalTV (Esports news portal). Recently Pasteurisasi collaborated with Sun Eater, a music label based in Jakarta, for the work of music video, lyric video, photoshoot and album artwork photoshoot.

While still studying at SAE, Faris has made many short film projects, web series, and of course music videos. He briefly interned at a PH and became an assistant to Upie Guava, a director who has produced more than 150 Indonesian music videos. Faris was involved in the work on Shanty’s video clip, Armand Maulana, as well as several advertisements.

Here are some photos of Pasteurisasi activities:


In the making of ‘Batas’ Danilla music video clip





There are many more Pasteurisasi activities, take a direct peek at other portfolios in here.


  2. Kita Production House

Kita Production House  founded in 2018 by Rifqi Zarkasih, SAE’s film alumni. This PH focuses on making commercial advertising, KITA has collaborated with Tokopedia, Traveloka, Wardah, Samsung, Citibank, Softex, Gojek, and many more.


Rifqi Zarkasih




Take a look at another Kita portofolo in here.


3. Jeumpa

Jeumpa was founded in 2019 by sae Indonesia’s two film alumnas, Lala Jasin (Managing Director) and Wendha Theadora (Creative Director). Projects by Jeumpa include movies, music videos, commercial videos, and digital production. In addition, Jeumpa also works on creative services such as pre-production, production, and post-production processes. For digital production, Jeumpa provides services for event documentation, brand campaign, and company profile.

Here are some of Jeumpa’s portfolios


  ‘Lestari’ short film production




‘Alteranna’ short film production



Live Session Virgoun



For other portfolios, please check  here.


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