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5 Career Prospects for Film Students

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To produce a good film, it doesn’t just depend on the director, producer, or acting quality of the cast; but there are many other elements that play roles. While studying at SAE Indonesia Film programme, you will realize that there are many jobs that intersing in a film production. Maybe one of them will be your job choice after graduating from SAE.

Here are 5 career prospects in the film industry:


  1. Scriptwriter/Screenwriter

This profession is suitable for those of you who like to write and tell stories. A scriptwriter or screenwriter is the one who translates ideas for a movie into a storyline. The work of a scriptwriter is called a screenplay or script.

In a film production, a scriptwriter has a significant role because the screenplay they write will be a guide to the course of filming, including the dialogues that the cast will speak. To do so, a scriptwriter must have a high imagination because he indirectly co-shapes the characters in the film.

In the screenwriting world, there is no such thing as seniority. It is not uncommon for newcomers to capture the attention of movie goers; one example is the buzz created by the film Parasite when it won Best Original Screenplay at the 92nd Academy Award or 2020 Oscars. This Korean film screenplay managed to beat the screenplays of Hollywood films even made by Quentin Tarantino.


2.  Cinematografer

Although this profession is not as popular as the director and producer, cinematographers also have an important role in a film production especially in terms of appearance. Cinematographers are often referred to as the Director of photography (DoP).

Cinematographers have a responsibility to regulate the composition of images ranging from angle selection, light arrangement to shooting techniques. In essence, a cinematographer is required to be able to produce interesting images with slick compositions but stick to the script that has been made.


3.  Video Editor

In order for the audience to be comfortable watching the film we produce, it takes a Video Editor who is tasked with stringing together the pieces of the scene and adjusting the composition of the image to give certain effects.

Editing or editing of a film is usually done when the entire series of shooting has been completed, hence this activity is categorized in post production or post-production activities. A video editor wouldn’t normally be in a full day at a shooting location like a director. Video editors spend more time in the studio along with advanced computers equipped with the latest software editing.

In doing its job, the video editor works with various parties such as the music stylist, director of photography, visual effects team and of course the director of the film. An experienced video editor will usually spread his wings in several other areas that are still related to video editing such as being a colorist who deepens the ability of color grading or color correction to become a visual effect artist.


4. Line Producer

This profession has responsibilities during pre-production, film production, post-production to management affairs. So this line producer is involved in various fields in film production.

During pre-production, a line producer will usually detail the script arranged by the screenwriter and make budget estimates for filming, compiling scheduling to think about crew payments. During the filming process, the line producer must also be present because it is responsible for logistics, reviewing the completeness of the equipment and crew until it is responsible for crisis control.

In post-production, line producers still have a responsibility to return equipment until they find a suitable studio for working editors. Because of his work and responsibilities covering many fields, a line producer should not only understand management affairs but also have knowledge of the plot and needs in filmmaking.


5. Video Blogger/Content Creator

This profession is on the rise and many people want to exist as video bloggers (vloggers) or content creators. Lucrative income, flexible working hours and popularity make this work very attractive to many people.

Being a content creator is not only limited to recording and uploading it on social media, but also having to be able to manage the content you create including for production to management. A content creator’s income generally comes from ads that run on their videos. That’s why you have to create interesting content so that more people watch your videos and the more ads you see.

At SAE Indonesia, we do not specifically teach you to live this profession, but certainly with the knowledge you get during your studies in the Film program, you can learn many aspects necessary to produce video work.


(Adapted from Quipper. Original article can be read here.)


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