7 Profitable Music Businesses!

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Music can make people happy. Because of its universal nature, music can be enjoyed by every kind of people; female, male, old, or young. And tailored to each other’s tastes.

Every day new songs emerge from different genres. The development of the music is very dynamic and along with the time development, now many platforms exists to provide music  streaming such as Spotify, YouTube, JOOX, etc.

Music festivals have also been added varied. In Indonesia, festivals such as Djakarta Warehouse Project (DWP) and We The Fest (WTF) featuring local and overseas bands, are always eagerly awaited by music lovers.

Seeing the development of the music industry, certainly many business opportunities can be utilized. To dive into the world of music, being a musician or singer is not the only way, you can also become a businessman.

“A lot of people asked what is music business actually; And the question that often arises: what the heck can be used as a business? ” Said Budi Sulistio, Head of Department Music Business SAE Indonesia. SAE Indonesia is the only creative media campus in Indonesia that provides Music Business programs. Budi said though today many new talents are emerging and everyone has a chance to get involved in it, the music industry is still not optimally manageable. In fact the same as other businesses, the music business can also be started from a small scale.

Here’s some examples of potential music business:



The business prospects  recording studio are arguably very brilliant considering many new musicians popping up.


To start this business, you need a minimum of 4 × 4 meters space equipped with a sound reducer and all the instruments and other devices that allow the band or musicians to play their music. For the rent, you can adjust to the young people’s pockets and the facilities you provide.



Being a concert promoter allows you to work with famous musicians. Starting from arranging the program to contact the musician to be present at the concert you held, being a concert promoter is a business that is exciting to be held. At the time of the COVID-19 pandemic It emerged a new concept of virtual concerts; Which means is a new opportunity for you!



It’s now started popping up many apps or music platforms that offer a streaming music listening experience, without having to bother downloading or buying albums from your favorite musicians online. Apps like Spotify, Apple Music, or JOOX have their own advantages.


You can try to develop new platforms according to the wishes and tastes of the market. By starting a business in this field, you can give the musicians the opportunity to popularize their work and make money from it. Counting, in addition to honing the creativity of your business, also helps the musicians to have his work appreciated.



Many YouTube channels offer music-related content; And you can be one of them. You can promote the work of certain musicians and make money from their fans.


The content that you can view on your YouTube channel for example is to create a daily vlog of tours, musicians ‘ daily life when not in the tour period, song or album creation process, to question and answer videos for fans who want to know more about their favorite musicians. When your video is already watched by many people, you can earn money from the ads listed on your video (adsense).



If you like to create music, beat and sample songs business can be your choice! You can do mixing and mastering to create different song beats than usual. Later, the interested label or musician will contact you to use your song’s beat or sample.


When people buy beat or sample songs from you, it means they buy a license to use the beat in their music. Now, from here, you can earn a hefty income; Especially if you consistently do it. If the beat or sample of your song is selling on the market, you will earn royalties continuously.



Music is not just the sound produced by  instrumentS, but it also requires good lyrics or catchy to attract market attention. Well, if you’re talented at writing a song or lyrics, you can take down the business prospects!


The revenue of a songwriter usually originates from royalties using their work on a commercial music platform. You also have the potential to work with the musicians you love. Business in this field will be successful if you are creative and can ‘ read ‘ market conditions.




In this digital media era, it has been difficult to find music releases such as tapes, CDS, or vinyl discs. Well, this opportunity can be the lyrics for doing business. Because there are still many music lovers who seek or hunt physical releases from their favorite musicians.


Due to high demand, you can sell physical releases at quite high prices as well. There are still many people who are willing to spend a lot of money for tapes or black discs of various eras. You can market your business online or open an offline store.


These are some of the music business ideas you can pursue. From all of the above business prospects, which is the most interesting for you?


Before the experience or extensive networking, you first have to master the knowledge of the business itself. Hence, SAE Indonesia provides diploma (D3) Music Business with the study period of 3 years. This Program is perfect for those of you who are interested in diving into the music industry, but not specific to musicians.


At SAE Indonesia, you will be taught by experienced and still active lecturers in the music industry. Of course you will also get experience and training so that after graduation you are ready to become a professional in the music industry.


The programs in the SAE Indonesia Music Business programme will help you learn the ins and outs of the world of music industry such as marketing, promotion, distribution, publishing, licensing and royalties, and so on.

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