SAE, with 47 campuses in 23 countries, has been the leading creative media educational institution since 1976. SAE Institute Jakarta offers undergraduate program with Honours in Audio Engineering, Film production and interactive animation. The Program is validated by Middlesex University, London, UK.




SAE is the world’s leading institution in the creative media education industry. Established in 1976, it has now spread to 47 campuses in 23 countries.

In Indonesia, SAE offers certificate, Diploma and Bachelor programs in the disciplines of animation, Audio, Film and music business. Our undergraduate degree is validated by Middlesex University London.

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional programs with world-class facilities. We make sure our students receive outstanding education, with internationally recognised qualifications, and relevant industry skills. Our graduates really have a competitive edge.


The School of Audio Engineering (SAE) was established in Australia in 1976 as the world’s first Audio engineering educational institution. SAE ‘ initial success and demand for our theoretical and industry-based practical training quickly led to the founding of other campuses nationwide. In 1982, in Australia SAE has campuses in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Byron Bay Campus, built to offer unparalleled audio facilities, opened in 2003.

From the beginning of SAE and its programs, accredited qualifications and higher education have been introduced. SAE has now grown to become a global leader in creative media education. In 2004, SAE acquired Qantm College, a leading digital media educator specialized in animation, 3D game design and programming, web development and graphic design.

In February 2011, the SAE Institute and Qantm High School became part of Navitas, the leading global education provider. The consolidated expertise and resources of SAE, QANTM and Navitas ensure our students have the industry skills and knowledge they need for careers in the entertainment and creative media industries.


Following SAE success in Australia, SAE ‘ first foreign campus opened in London in 1985. As in Australia, SAE international music proved to be very successful in providing quality, practical and theoretical curriculum for prospective professionals in the music industry. Shortly after the London campus was opened, SAE established the first European campus in Munich, Germany. Munich is the first of many foreign-speaking SAE Institute in the world. SAE is well-established in Europe, Asia and New Zealand in the mid-90’s. In the United States the first 7 campuses were opened in 1998.

Starting with our humble Sydney studio, SAE has now grown in the world with 54 campuses spread across 20 countries. Starting with Audio, SAE International has evolved over the years, and now also offers qualifications in other creative media disciplines – animation, design, Digital journalism, movies, Games, and Web & Mobile. All of our programmes follow the founding principles of SAE – high quality, industry-focused, practical and theoretical education options for creative and talented individuals.