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Australia Pathway Course (Animation)

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I Made Sidartha Dipayhana, also known as Sidartha, is an Indonesian Animation SAE student from Bali. Before graduating from high school, he decided to study at SAE Indonesia because of its specific and focused curriculum. So he immediately signed up for Open Day at the SAE campus. Unabashedly, he chose the Pathway program.

Pathway program requires students to study 2 semesters at SAE Indonesia, after which it continues to the destination country. Sidartha was placed in SAE Melbourne, Australia; and in February 2020 he was dispatched. In Australia, within 1 year there are 3 terms (trimester), and each trimester students are required to create a collaborative project with students of other courses.

While in Indonesia, Sidartha had an internship at White Monkey Animation production house as a 3D Animator, on the recommendation of Aji Shalahuddin, one of the animation lecturers at SAE Indonesia. If he graduates later, Sidartha’s dream is to have a career in the animation industry in Melbourne.

Below are 2 works by Sidartha:




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