• SAE Animation School in Jakarta provies the skills to make it in this highly creative industry.





Bachelor of VFX & Animation (Dual-Stream)


Welcome to the world of animation, visual effects and entertainment. Make your dreams come alive by bringing the world in your head to life.

Animation and Visual Effects is pure imagination Few industries allow you to create what has never been seen before. But it’s also a profession where technical expertise and application is as important as raw talent, and this is where we come in. Our bachelor of animation and visual eects is all about building your character and credentials by giving you the hands-on experience that is required in this exciting industry.

Our Unique Bachelor Program

This Bachelor program has been designed to give students a unique choice. You can either graduate with a locally accredited Bachelor Degree Film & TV Production specializing in Animation; or you can choose to graduate with an additional top up Bachelor of Arts / Science Degree in Special Effects and Animation awarded by Middlesex University, UK.

Throughout your 4-year journey at SAE Indonesia you will study multiple aspects of the industry. It all starts with traditional skills such as sketching and life drawing. The course then moves into more sophisticated and technically challenging areas such as 3D modelling, rigging, design, textures, lighting, rendering and  compositing. The following breakdown of modules will give you a more detailed insight in to the various subjects studied and skills acquired during your 4 year course.

SAE’s Unique Teaching Philosophy And Facilities

At SAE, practical classes and hands-on studio time are supported by theoretical classes giving students a broad range of knowledge and skills needed for a successful career in the industry.

Essential to your experience is the quality and range of facilities offered at SAE Indonesia. You’ll be working in high-end PC labs running the latest industry-standard software such as Maya, Autodesk 3D MAX, and Adobe Creative Suite to help bring your ideas to life. You will also have access to a green screen studio and learn collaborative and project management skills working in cooperation with students from other disciplines.

Our expert teachers will ensure you stay on track by providing face-to-face guidance throughout your entire course as you work to deliver real-world projects in a state-of-the-art, studio-based environment



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The Animation, Visual Effect and Gaming industry moves as quickly as the technology grows to create new and astounding effects. There is a real need for fresh imagination matched by technical skill to bring ideas to life. Our graduates are well sought after in an industry hungry for new talent around the globe.

Graduate roles may include:

  • 2d/3d Animator
  • Architectural Visualiser
  • 3D Modeler
  • Product Visualiser
  • Rigger
  • Visual Eects Artist
  • Educational Media Production
  • Environment Artist
  • Motion Graphics Designer
  • Game Asset Artist
  • Art Director
  • Technical Artist
  • Creative Director
  • Character Artist
  • Project Manager
  • Concept Artist
  • Production Team Leader
  • Post-production For Broadcast Media

Key facts


    4 Years


    Sep 2020


    Enrol By: 01 Sep 2020

    Start Date: 01 Sep 2020

    End Date: N/A



Entry requirements

  • Completed High School or Equivalent
  • Passing SAE English Proficiency Test
  • Completed Interview Evaluation
  • Successful completion of an SAE Diploma (to enter 1 year BA/BSc programme)

Fees and Payments

Course & Payment details and can be downloaded through here


September 2020

Additional info


  • Sarjana Terapan Seni (S.Tr.Sn) Film & TV Production
  • BA/BSc (Hons) in Audio Production awarded by Middlesex University, UK

Language: Bahasa Indonesia (sem 1-4), English & Indonesian (Sem 5-8)

Other Requirements:

You must achieve the following criteria before entering semester 5:

  • TOEFL 72 (with at least 17 in listening & writing, 20 in speaking and 18 in reading) or equivalent
  • GPA >= 3.0 Academic Record