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Hava, 17 years old model, has just stepped into her career. One day, a photographer, Liam, offers Hava to be his model. Photoshoot will be done in the middle of nature; rice fields, forests and rivers, and look for golden hour moments, i.e. when the sun approaches the earth’s horizon line and produces soft, scattered light.

While waiting for the photoshoot to begin, Hava dressed up and drank the drink she was carrying. It turns out that the drink is a detox drink, which can remove toxins from the body. Clearly Hava then became heartburn and wanted to defecate. Feeling that a model is often ‘required’ to look perfect and professional, Hava doesn’t want to disappoint Liam by cancelling the shoot. So, Hava also looked for the nearest toilet in the middle of the forest. Can Hava return to the shooting location before Golden Hour is gone?



The closest source of ideas is from personal experience. What Hava experienced, actually experienced by Razor Tayeb, the director of a short film titled Pesona Alam. Razor, a SAE’s film student, was working on a Foundation of Cinematography course; and he chose the theme of nature photos. At that time he was in the middle of the forest and suddenly wanted to defecate. Unable to delay the defecation, he immediately searched for the nearest toilet in the ‘secluded’ place. He was ashamed because he was with his girlfriend at that time. He polished his personal experience into a romantic comedy film script. During the Advanced Video Production class, he received some story and visual input to complete the film before finally being selected for production.


Behind the scene Pesona Kodrat Alam


Liam (Krisna Dwipayana) & Hava (Dian Mandasari)


This film, previously only asĀ  final task of Digital Video & Audio Production course was then included in the Isee Film Festival (IFF) held by the National University of Education (Undiknas), Bali. And voila, Pesona Alam Nature won 1st place at IFF 2021!


Razor (far left) with 3 other winners.


Coinciding with the national film day on March 30, 2021, Razor Tayeb received the 1st place award for the short film Pesona Kodrat Alam.


Congratulations, Razor! Keep up the good work!


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