Geddi Jaddi Membummi, SAE Awards Winner 2020

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Geddi is a student of SAE Indonesia Audio programme. In 2019 he graduated from the D3 level and is currently continuing to  Bachelor Degree. Last June, Geddi won the SAE Awards 2020 in the Best Audio Project category, and he was the first student of SAE Indonesia to receive the award. His work was titled Music Sound Design with Daily Life Object, or the creation of music from everyday objects. The meaning of everyday objects are objects that he uses or consume every day, for example: blankets, pillows, toothbrushes, bottles, sein cars, sounds around the station and in the MRT, even he includes footsteps sound in the project, and many more sounds.

The sounds that have been collected were merged and processed into a harmonious musical form. But for the voices to be integrated and produce a regular tempo, Geddi ‘ manipulates ‘ it uses software and adds a sound synthesizer, which is the only non-everyday musical instrument, so that the music it produces becomes richer. And the other goal is to align the surrounding noises that are not musicals such as the sound of musical instruments such as guitars, bass, drums, etc.

The idea to create this work was originally from the Creative Project 2 class that was  guided by SAE Indonesia’s Head of Department (HOD) Audio, Yandha Krishna. The project Geddi made at that time was more or less the same as the musical works of this everyday object; Until SAE Indonesia Managing Director, Alex Gehrig, appreciated and motivated Geddi to bring that kind of work to the SAE Awards. Geddi agreed and began producing. The project is quite ambitious because Geddi mixed the sound with the video, so its visual audio elements were fulfilled. It is required that additional tools such as tape recorders, SLR cameras, and GoPro are placed above the head to take pictures of their activities. Geddi did not create his own songs in this work, but he rearranged from John Denver ‘ Take Me Home, Country Roads song. Well, more uniquely, Geddi’s reference is the re-arrangement of the song by Ghibli Jazz. He wanted to show that the re-arrangement process could change the original song in full, using instruments entirely different from conventional instruments.

After submitting the work to the Committee of SAE Awards, Geddi did not expect to win. He already happy if the Committee received his work. It turns out that goes beyond his hopes: he wins. He plans to create and develop his audio blog; specifically to discuss music production of everyday objects. Aside from being a means of expression, Geddi’s goal of making this blog is to educate. “Music experiments like this can make us more wise, because what we do so there is a reason and the meaning,” said Geddi.


Because of his creative work, Geddi got a job in Aquarius Musikindo as Art Director. Nazarudin Noor,  Geddi’s lecturer, recommends this job to him. The revenues that Geddi received was more than adequate and they allowed Geddi to take another project outside of his job as an Art Director; Because it was agreed so in the beginning.


Geddi told SAE students or prospective students to always do what they liked and considered good, because there will be unexpected and challenging creativity in every thing we do. “All the knowledge gained in SAE is useful and its faculty also cool. They’re open and ready to discuss or brainstorm, “Geddi said. The tasks or projects given by lecturers are sometimes not in accordance with the wishes, but still have to be done and the good part is, according to Geddi, the tasks can be searched for the pulling section. “Do not be too closed with lecture materials because everything will be useful in the workforce.” said Geddi.


Congratulations, Geddi!


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