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LESTARI (A Final Project by: Wendha Theadora)

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Do you believe in reincarnation?

When someone dies, especially if it is a family or someone we love, then all that is left is memories. Of course we will not feel his physique again; But it could be in our hearts tucked away the hope of being able to meet him again, some day. That person’s soul will hear our prayers, and he will be given the opportunity by God to live again in the world. But what if it manifests into something alien; who is not human?

Until today there has been no scientific proof of whether reincarnation is real. The concept of reincarnation is known in Hinduism, Buddhism and religious traditions, which are believed by the majority of its people. Stories of reincarnation are also often told through generations by our predecessors. The magical stories we’ve heard from childhood can be deep within us. Referring to the ancient teachings and the accompanying tales, when the human spirit is reincarnated, it can become a living being of any kind.

Until hundreds of years later, these tales remained attached. And so is we trusted by Wendha Theadora, a student of SAE Indonesia Film program. Wendha believes in the myth that if any family member dies, they will return home; in the form of a butterfly. So in her final-project she raised this theme.

‘Lestari’ is the story of a woman who believes her grandmother has been reincarnated into luwing (Milipedes). Lastri -the woman’s name- had never heard of reincarnation; until when these luwings began to scatter in her house, even into the jewelry box of her grandmother, then she was convinced that it was the incarnation of her grandmother.




Lastri and her husband occupy the grandmother’s house. An antique house away from the crowds. When her husband went to work, Lastri, who was very close to her late grandmother, often reminisced through things and memories of a moment together. The luwings were spoken to by Lastri like human beings, because they were present in between Lastri’s loneliness. One day, one of these luwings was accidentally killed by Lastri’s husband, after he accidentally found a letter selling his grandmother’s house. The husband tries to dampen Lastri’s anger; the reason he sold the house quietly was because he had no more savings for the future. Will Lastri forgive her husband?



Wendha (left) on the set of Lestari


Lala Jasin (right), SAE Alumna’s and Lestari’s producer





In addition to being the final project for the graduation requirement of D3 level, Lestari is the first fictional film directed by Wendha. He previously directed a documentary and an episode of a short series. Most of Lestari’s crew are SAE students. The music scoring’s done by Geddi Jaddi Membummi, SAE Alumni  Awards 2020 winner at ‘Best Audio Student Project’

”Lestari’, starring Dea Panendra as Lastri and Bagus Ade Saputra as Arya (Lastri’s husband) can be watched at GoPlay







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