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New Students Admission 2021/2022

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New Student Admissions (PMB) intake has been opened in September 2021. SAE Indonesia offers varieties of creative media courses, ranging from Audio, Film, Animation, and Music Business.

With the growing demand for human resources in the creative industries, SAE provides the skills that the industry needs so that you can become a creative, characterful and work-ready graduate. Here’s information on the study level options you can choose at SAE:


Bachelor Programme (D4)

SAE Indonesia provides three undergraduate courses, namely: Audio, FilmAnimation. During your 4 years of college, you will get vocational learning (the majority of practices) and be supported by high-tech facilities, coupled with internship experience according to the industry you want.

Sae teachers are practitioners who are active in their field, they will guide you through direct consultation sessions during the program in creating industry-standard works.


Dual-Degree Programme

Through this program you will get 2 degrees, namely Bachelor of Applied Arts (S.Tr.Sn) and Bachelor of International Bachelor of Arts/Science with Honours.

This collaboration program with Middlesex University, London UK is available for study Audio, Film, Animation

Diploma 3 Programme

In addition to undergraduate programs, SAE also provides Diploma 3 study level with Music Business  study program. There are many promising career opportunities that you can achieve from this field, ranging from artist management, record label owners, concert promoters, and others.

Top-up Bachelor Degree Programme

A 1-year Top-up Degree program is an advanced undergraduate program for students who already have a Diploma 3 from any university and are interested in continuing their studies at SAE. This Degree to be awarded by Middlesex University is available for courses: Audio, Film, Animation, Music Business


Pathway Programme

Interested in studying abroad?  SAE provides Pathway programs that enable students to continue their studies abroad, namely Australia and New Zealand.

If you choose the Australia Pathway program, you will study at SAE Indonesia for 12 months (2 semesters) and continue your studies in Australia for 16-20 months.

If you choose the New Zealand Pathway program, you will study at SAE Indonesia for 12 months (2 semesters) and continue your studies at SAE Auckland for 20-22 months.

Australia Pathway Programme available for: Audio, Film, Animation. As for New Zealand Pathway Programme is available for
Audio and Film

Why SAE?

  • We offer smaller class sizes, with a more personalized approach.
  • We offer only creative programs, then you will be in the middle of those who are also creative minded.
  • We have a more practical and directly engaged learning approach, focusing on developing the skills needed by the industry.
  • With nearly 50 campuses in 23 countries, SAE has local and global connections to a variety of desirable industries.


Enrollment Information:

For more information about SAE programs and registration, please contact our admission team via 0217890145 or Whatsapp 087712346567. We also provide Virtual Consultation via Zoom.



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