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Scriptwriting for YouTube Series

Scripwriting for YouTube Series

How to keep your YouTube viewers curious about the continuation of the story?

This course will give you a basic knowledge of the dramatic structure of the YouTube Series and how to hook the audience to wait for the next episode through cliffhanger techniques.

Scriptwriting for Digital Content

Scriptwriting for Digital Content

This course will provide basic knowledge about writing digital content to contain elements of good and interesting stories and provoke people’s interest.

Course Fee: IDR 180.000

Mobile Phone Videograhy for Beginners

Mobile Phone Videography for Beginners

This short course will provide basic videography engineering knowledge using a mobile phone.

Materials taught include: Preparing tools, How to set hp camera to be able to take pictures with the right resolution, Shooting method, Bit Rate & Frame Rate, etc.

Short Film Scriptwriting

Short Film Scriptwriting

In this course you will get an intensive education in theory and practice of short film screenwriting; and the development of the skills needed in the film industry. You’ll be taught how to pour your ideas into a structured scenario ready to be filmed.

Course Fee: IDR 4.000.000.