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Renthouse Project’s: Jamblang Squad. SAE Student’s Podcast!

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Hello everyone! You know SAE students have a fun and funny podcast? the name is Renthouse project’s: Jamblang Squad.

Renthouse Project itself is an indie label of Naufal Fahrezi and Daffa Pranadjaja, both students of the 4th semester of Music Business programme SAE Indonesia. Renthouse Project oversees  Naufal’s band: East Ufuk and Daffa’s solo project. There are also other soloists incorporated in this label.

Initially Naufal and Daffa created a podcast for coursework and after that they paused for a year. During the break, Naufal listened to many Indonesian podcasts such as Lawless, Unperks Podcast, Podkesmas, BKR Brothers, etc. Then Daffa proposed that their podcast project be continued by inviting Fadlayana Heryana, Audio programme student SAE, and Abby Fatahillah, a student of the SAE Film programme. Well, the name Jamblang is used because they often hang out at Fadly’s place located at Jalan Jamblang, South Jakarta. They began airing in February 2020 and broadcast new episodes once a week, every Tuesday.

The topics discussed in their podcast are usually absurd things hilarious, for example discussing the style of people’s laughing style in a hangout or a tutorial to nurture animals. Oh Yes, there are horror segment too, but it is discussed casually and remains hilarious. In addition, there are interviews with Narpati Awangga aka Oomleo who is a personnel of Synthpop music Group, Goodnight Electric and female karateka Siti Nur Azizah. Not only jokes, they also present educational content about the benefits of laughing for the health of the person who is a student of the psychology department from one of the universities in Jakarta. There are also social-themed content such as episodes aired in the late Ramadhan; Discusses the organization of the sacrificial movement, which conducts fundraisers for people affected by COVID-19. For the next episode they are planning to invite the Discopantera, a DJ who often plays old songs from the 70 and 80s eras and actor Ringgo Agus Rahman. Anyway, Renthouse project’s: Jamblang Squad is ready to jazz up the Indonesian podcast!


Listen to their podcast here.






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