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SAE Indonesia’s Blended Learning

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Since entering the new semester on March 30th, SAE Indonesia has implemented the Blended Learning method. This system was implemented because the COVID-19 pandemic was increasing at the time; Until today the number of positive people infected with the virus has not been suppressed. Fortunately, due to technological advances and because SAE is the world’s leading and global scale creative media campus, the teaching and learning activities of this pandemic are not entirely constrained. But what  is Blended Learning?


According to scholar Margaret Driscoll, Blended Learning has 4 concepts, namely:

  • Blended Learning is a learning that combines various web-based technologies, to achieve educational objectives
  • Blended Learning is a combination of optimal learning approaches with or without learning technology
  • Blended Learning is a combination of many formats of learning technology such as video tape, CD-ROM, web based training, and movies with face-to-face learning.
  • Blended Learning combines learning technology with actual work assignment commands to create a good influence on learning and assignments


Most of the teaching at SAE is practical. For the theory class, we temporarily use the Zoom application as its medium; With the integration of planned theories so that students can understand the practical modules well. In the early years of the implementation of PSBB in March-April, the government appealed to the public to avoid doing activities involving many people, including education activities at every level from kindergarten to college. But after exiting the circular letter of the Secretary-General of Kemendikbud No. 15 of 2020 whose contents are the guidance of learning from the Home (BDR), also contains the guidance of learning activities when the unit of education is reopened, rules on gathering at the institution can be a little ‘ easing ‘. Because the point of education in SAE is practicum, we interpret this loose word as a fresh wind to re-open a class of practice that has been delayed for 4 months (March-July). For now actually in SAE also allow students to come to campus with the aim of taking a practice-based end of Semester exam. Of course, with strict procedures, for example the day before they had to fill the application form to use the campus facilities; And should not be more than 5 persons in 1 room or activity. It should always wear masks and wash hands, and should not be relaxed for long periods of time in a campus environment.

The new intake at SAE Indonesia will commence on 14 September 2020. Most likely the theory class will still be done online, by utilizing the available applications. Please be aware that SAE Indonesia prepares this Blended Learning system seriously and students will also get a lot of benefits in theory, and also get the appropriate time for practicum.

On July 15, the Supervisor of PSBB Transitional Jakarta came to SAE to ensure the prevention protocols of COVID-19 deployments in the campus environment run as per the rules; And we got a signal that our campus did meet the standard to reopen the practice class, certainly a very good news; By not forgetting the physical distance rule. Thus, the opportunity to practice this Blended Learning method can be more optimal.


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