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SAE’s Music Business Programme Facts

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Who does not like music? Surely we’ve all heard music right. Well, if you love music, have a passion in the field of music, and want to learn more about music; SAE Indonesia has  Music Business programme. What is Music Business? can we really count on music to living on daily life?

In short, Music Business (MB) is a programme that offers how to run a business in the music or entertainment industry. You will learn business principles in managing the career of a musician or artist.

Here’s the facts:


  • MB’s still uncommon in Indonesia

Music Business programme is not yet popular in Indonesia, but it has promising prospect. Usually on some campuses, there are only Music courses and according to Pangkalan Data Pendidikan Tinggi (PDPT)  there are 108 Music major in Indonesia, but only in SAE Indonesia provides Music Business programme with Diploma Degree (D3), and validated by Middlesex University, UK.


  • Not always learning about business and music

The Music Business Programme will also learn other things such as communication and law. Although those courses not a key focus of learning, it is certainly important to know the legal aspects of the music business; Because if trusted to manage the career of a musician/artist, you will deal with various contracts.

Communication aspects are also very important. Because in addition, you must have a marketing strategy, you must continue to establish communication with their fans. Nowadays, communication through social media must be as strong as verbal communication.

Although often considered underestimated, the music and entertainment industry is actually a dynamic and demanding industry. Thus, the students of the SAE Music Business program are ‘ held in ‘ one of them by creating a project before graduation; which the project will be managed using the sciences that have been taught in the lecture. In this way, a graduate of the SAE Music Business program will be ready to ‘ fight ‘ in the working world.

With the dynamic music industry, at SAE Indonesia you will learn how to stay updated with the development of music at home and abroad. With the science of Music Business, you will know and understand the intricacies of the world music industry in the homeland. Who knows someday you’ll be working with your favorite musicians?


  • Differences with the music majors

In the music department you will learn the theory of music; learn and play instruments, learn various genres of music, create songs, produce music, etc. In essence, you ‘ just ‘ got some musical knowledge and career as a musician. This is what may be your anxiety – all of you who choose the music department; Will later be able to support themselves from the music.

Well, the career prospects of SAE Music Business program span from promoters, tour managers, promotional managers and music marketing, record executives, record label owners, music business development, etc.


  • Career opportunities not only in the music industry

Not only in the music or entertainment industry, you’ll also have the opportunity to pursue a career in other industries. Because, in some lecture materials also taught the science of law, communication, finances, etc. Even you can build your own company with the knowledge you got at SAE Indonesia!


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