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This course is designed to explore the aesthetics, techniques, and technology of cinematography and how it is currently practiced in the television and motion picture industry. Some of the topics of study will include (1) the style and look of camera work present in today’s films and television (2) the style, aesthetics, and techniques of several genres and their distinguishing characteristics (3) composition, movement, and framing (4) cameras, film and video, their care and handling (5) film stock and the relationship of the lab/transfer house and the cinematographer.

Class meetings will consist of lectures, group discussions, inclass demonstrations, viewing of contemporary films, shooting, and reviewing of student projects.


Nuresha Perkasa.

Better known by the name of Resha Perkasa. He has involved in the film industry since 2005. He started as a camera operator in a collaboration television series between Indonesia and Singapore. Later he got into the industry as a Film Loader (celluloid) and Camera Assistant and Operator for several feature films. He was involved in many video clips and PSA projects, and lately he’s working on many TV shows or documentary programs for foreigner companies

Introduction to Visual Storytelling

Camera Function & Component

Three Exposure Controls

Lens Practice

Camera Placement

Camera Movement

Advanced Camera Movement

Lighting Tools

Creative Lighting

Advance Creative Lighting

Colour in Images and Film

Story in Cinematography

Long Take Practice

Continuity in Cinematography

The Roles in the Cinematography

Shooting Session


2 Months


Industry Course

July/August 2024


  • Minimum age 16 years Old
  • Fluent in Bahasa Indonesia


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March / July/ November


SAE Certificate in Cinematography