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This is our busy Sound Stage Room. Student film programs usually use this room to shoot indoor scenes for its good use of lighting rig set up for precise shooting. The room is also fitted with green screen that opens up countless possibilities in their projects. Our Animation students also use this room for their Visual Effect class and other needs.


Dolly Track. A Tool to create  soft horizontal camera movement. Available at SAE Indonesia


Surely this room can be utilized for each of students semester project such as short films, web series, TV commercials, documentaries, all the way from pre production to post production. Guided by our lecturers who have been very experienced in the film world as well as the winners of several pretigious awards in their respective area.


RED Scarlet camera, which is often used in filmmaking.


Students will also be introduced to wide range of camera types, one of the top camera in the industry that we have is our RED Scarlet Camera. RED Cameras always thrive to set new standards in the industry just like we do here in SAE.


Shooting session at Sound Stage Room



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