SAE Indonesia cooperates with edufund to provide student loan.



Edufund is a finance technology company (Fintech) that provides access to education installments (schools, universities to course places). Edufund’s main focus is Education and Funding.

  • Education: Facilitating students with wider range of educational financing options for Schools, Universities, and Course Places throughout Indonesia.
  • Funding: Provide access to educational installments in the form of student loan.

Edufund provides access to education installments through student loans to those who wish to continue their education, either at the School, University, or soft skill level through the Course. Edufund provides a complete service according to educational needs and:

  • Become an educational installment access solution for those who do not have credit card or banking loan access
  • Help set the borrower’s cashflow to be allocated to other needs
  • Trusted, registered and supervised by OJK

The following loan application procedures  on Edufund’s website:

  • User applying for a loan on edufund’s website ( )
  • User choose product type, total bill, amount of down payment, and installment tenor desired by doing installment simulation (calculation in installment simulation / installment per month is fixed)
  • User completes administrative needs with personal data (if the user is over 21 years old or already has income) or with supervision /guarantor data (if the user is under 21 years old or has not had income)
  • Once the required administrative documents are complete and clear, the user waits for verification of loan approval for 3 – 5 business days
  • After the loan is approved, the user signs an MoU between Edufund and the borrower, then pays the DP to Edufund (at least 10% of the total bill/nominal loan submitted)
  • After the user pays the DP, the institution will get 100% disbursement within 1 – 2 business days

2 categories that can apply for installments:

  • Under or over 21 years old but not yet earning (students, students, etc.) can apply for a loan with the supervision of a guarantor.
  • Over 21 years old and already earning (students, alumni, parents) can apply for a loan without the need for guarantor supervision.

Preaprroval links aimed specifically at partners who work with edufund and aim to make it easier for users to make submissions :