Stylus (Piala Maya 2021 Nomination for Short Film Selected Category)

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An old man sings on stage. The crowd in attendance, engrossed in chatter and drinks, barely noticed the man. He’s just playing guitar and anxious.

Egy, the old man’s name, just got out of prison and wanted to reorganize his life. One day, while walking around the shopping complex, he heard the his late wife’s song. The next day, he found the source of the music: a record store; and asked the shopkeeper; whether he still has a recording of the album he’s looking for. “I have at home, but 50 million.” Said a boy who was sitting on the couch while watching a video tutorial playing guitar on his phone. Egy is interested in the boy’s offer and tries to negotiate. He left the guitar he brought to the boy, while promising to come back tomorrow.

Poppy, the boy’s mother and record store owner, contacted Egy to plan her son’s guitar course. Egy is silent, knowing Poppy is part of her dark past. If she speaks, she fears Poppy will recognize her voice and hang up immediately; avoid it forever. But, being burdened by guilt, inevitably he has to solve his problem with Poppy.

Stylus is a short film directed by Greg Soegono and produced by Arlingga Putra Utama, both alumni of the SAE Indonesia Film program. Their final assignment film project was nominated for the 2021 Mayan Cup for short film category. Piala Maya is indonesia’s annual film awards started in 2012 by Indonesian online film fans, initiated by FILM_Indonesia Twitter account. By following the concept of similar awards already in place, with nominations and awards awarded for best local production each year.

Congratulations and success  for Lingga and Greg!



Egy and Jojo (Poppy’s son)




Behind the scene




Greg Soegono (in the middle)


Arlingga (left)


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