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Wisnu Ikhsantama Wicaksana, also known as Tama, graduated from Audio SAE Indonesia in 2015. Since high school, he has been interested in audio engineering world and music production. Even in junior high, his love for both worlds had grown; he often visited a music studio and was taught by the studio operator how to operate recording tools. During the 3 years of high school, his interest became more pronounced. One day, while visiting Jakarta Audio Professional Expo (JAPEX) at PRJ in 2011, he immediately enrolled in SAE Indonesia booth. This decision did not come from heaven; he already knew SAE – famous for its Audio program – when he was in the 1st grade of high school.


Wisnu Ikhsantama Wicaksana


SAE is a vocational campus whose courses support students on skills mastery; so since the early semesters, students have been able to learn to work in the industry. During semester 2 or 3, Tama handled Barasuara recording process. According to Tama, at that time the results of the recording he worked on were not maximized. He still thinks the shortcomings in recording can still be fixed during the mixing process, even though the initial recording process is also very important. So, he learned again how to record the right, and so on. He even repeated mastering classes of his own volition.

In the 5th semester he worked on recording one of the .Feast’s single at SAE Indonesia studio 1. From then until graduating from college, he often helped several projects of the .Feast vocalist, Baskara Putra, or better known as  Hindia. Baskara began his Hindia career in 2019 and established himself as a soloist to this day. Before and until the formation of Hindia, Tama was often invited by Baskara as the co-producer of some of her songs.


Lomba Sihir

Every soloist definitely needs a  band. A steady support band, or with an unchanging formation, will smooth the cooperation between the individuals involved in each soloist project. Once in 2019, Baskara called Tama: “Tam, Hindia mau main di We The Fest (WTF), Lo sequencer ama main bass, ya!” Without further adieu, Tama accepted Baskara’s invitation. The band successfully formed with Natasha Udu (Vocals), Rayhan Noor (guitar/vocals), Wishnu Ikhsantama (bass, vocals), Tristan Juliano (keyboards, vocals), and Enrico Octaviano (drums) as personnel.

Along the way, the band became a ‘spin-off’ band that spawned singles and on March 26, 2021 released an album titled Selamat Datang di Ujung Dunia. Even Baskara Putra became the official ‘vocalist’ of Lomba Siihit. It is called Lomba Sihir because when it was still Hindia escort band -not yet in the form of a steady band- the personnel wanted to race to ‘bewitch’ the audience when live. Later the concept metamorphosed into ‘bewitching the hearer and the watcher entering a state via music’. What is meant by ‘circumstances’ are Lomba Sihir’s songs that are full of themes that are familiar with the issue of young people in their 20s. For example, the song “Apa ada Asmara” which tells the quest for love; “Semua Orang Pernah Sakit Hati” about the pressure to get married soon; “Polusi Cahaya” is about pursuing a career; “Nirrrlaba” about anger against the government; “Jalan Tikus” about lying in search of a safe way; “Hati dan Paru-Paru” on guidelines for survival in Jakarta, and more. Through these songs they want their audience to connect and experience ‘ecstasy’ while enjoying the performance and listening to their work.

Enrico, Tama, Rayhan and Tristan are producers; then the three of them, minus Tristan, worked on the mixing before being sent to Marcel James for the mastering process. The cover album Welcome to the Edge of the World was directed by Sun Eater Studio and featured members of the Magic Competition along with their colleagues who played various kinds of citizens who can be found in Jakarta. “This album is a kind of photo of our extended family crowded with the background of Jakarta to be remembered by the six of us and our team forever and ever,” Baskara said in a press release for the album’s launch.

The personnel of Lomba Sihir are talents under Sun Eater label. In addition to record labels, Sun Eater is also a talent management and creative/digital marketing platform that focuses on the music ecosystem. The label was founded Baskara to shade. Feast when it has started to rise; and continues to this day.



Lomba Sihir


Let’s listen to Selamat Datang di Ujung Dunia!


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