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 Film Talkshow: Making Movies During Pandemic



Nadina Habsjah (BASE Entertainment’s producer)


Ali Munandar (Head of Film Department SAE Indonesia and moderator)


During the COVID 19 pandemic, BASE Entertainment has produced 2 films: Quarantine Tales and Akhirat: A Love Story.

BASE Entertainment is a film studio that focuses on the development side of a film. Which includes development; scriptwriting, planning, promotion &marketing, aesthetics, etc.

During the pandemic, of course there was a change in the working pattern of film production. For example, having to get around extra budgets for health protocols during the filming process; because the cast and crew must always be in good health and protected. Working hours should also be tightened. The challenge is to strike a balance between increased production costs and reduced working hours.

Producers must also prepare contingency plans or backup plans for filming locations. Out of dislike, these locations will be affected by government restrictions on activities during the pandemic. So, if you have to change the filming location, the producer is ready because you already have a backup plan.

BASE Entertainment also often held virtual meetings to discuss film stories, reading and preparation. If they have to meet physically, the crew is required to conduct a rapid antigen test first. The advice of a doctor for filmmakers is to form their own ‘cluster’. This means that during the filming process, there must be a contract or contract for the cast and crew to be willing to stay together somewhere until a certain deadline. BASE Entertainment has included that clause in the contract they created.

There’s so much more about film production in the pandemic, let’s watch the ¬†video !



Animation Talkshow: Starting your own Animation/VFX Studio


Stefanus Binawan (Co-Founder UratNadi Studio)


Aditya Prabas (Head of Animation Department SAE Indonesia and moderator)


In the minds of many people animation = cartoon. Whereas there is one branch of animation outside the cartoon ‘pakem’, namely visual effects or VFX. Animation lectures also have a VFX curriculum for filmmaking, not only drawing frame by frame for animated films.

Stephen explained that there are 4 points that make VFX an effective medium in filmmaking or advertising. The 4 points are: Impractical, Safety, Budget, Convincing.

Stephen and Audi Satrio founded the studio UratNadi 2 years ago. The goal is so that the directors who provide the project can discuss and consult together. Because by having your own studio, animators will have added value in front of the director rather than just working as a freelance. In addition, by having its own studio, it can also improve the quality of VFX in Indonesia.

Before setting up his own studio, Stephen suggested that animators, especially fresh graduates, dive into the industry first. Need to know the ins and outs of the industry to know the field of work and workflow, because, for fresh graduates, the theory studied on campus can be somewhat different from what happens in the industry. Then it should be familiar with the client’s behavior, tastes, clients, formal processes, etc.

Now, let’s watch the video!


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