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Welcome SAE Indonesia New Students!

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Welcome to the global creative media campus! Although it is still in the period of covid-19 pandemic, hopefully the spirit of learning is maintained and not faded; we will also do our best to provide service and knowledge in accordance with SAE Indonesia’s vision and mission.

Last Friday, there was already a new student orientation 2020/2021. Other than ever, this orientation is held online, given that the current situation has not allowed to hold large meetings in one place. The learning system we use today is Blended Learning, a mixed learning system. What the mix means is the media used: online media (using the Zoom app) for theory and Common Class classes and offline learning for practice classes. For more information on the Blended Learning system, read here.

In addition, you can find the latest information about SAE campus and student primary needs such as student manuals, academic calendars, student service guides, and digital libraries  and articles that can add to your creative media knowledge. And there’s so much more you can get. Or you can ask students service, HOD, supervisors, and front desk directly about anything.

You have officially become part of SAE Indonesia’s family! families will know each other and be ready to help whatever is needed, whether it’s academic or academic things that are still the responsibility of the campus. Students across the program will later work together; create collaborative projects and other creative projects, and explore the science you get on this campus!

Don’t forget to take care of your health and stick to health protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19, yes!

Let’s kickstart the creative energy!


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