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Zirah’s Live Recording at SAE Indonesia Studio

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April 4, 2020 was supposed to be a historic day for Zirah, as they will hold a theatrical performance to celebrate the release of their latest EP. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the plan had to be postponed for an uncertain time. Not to mention the vocalist, Alyssa Isnan, decided to leave the band after the postponement of the show. After the death of the vocalist, the band from Jakarta which now consists of Raissa Faranda (guitar), Anissa Yasmin (bass) and Talitha Mailangkay (drums), did not stop working.

On January 31, 2021, Zirah recorded one of their singles titled ‘Bayangan Hidup’ live at SAE Indonesia studio. This project is also the final assignment of SAE 5th semester Audio student, Ahmad Yusuf Ardisasmita or commonly called Ucup in Advanced Studio Production course. Advanced Studio Production is a follow-up lecture from Studio Production courses in the previous semester.

At studio production, students learn to use Audient mixer in SAE studio 2. Meanwhile, in Advanced Studio Production, students learn to use Neve mixer in SAE studio 1. The purpose of the follow-up lecture is the development of recording techniques and the strengthening of the basic signal flow of the recording. Students are expected to apply the basic theory of recording using any mixer; because if students have mastered the basic theory of recording, they can take advantage of the features in each mixer.

Zirah’s project done by multi room recording technique, which is recording simultaneously using 3 different studios. At SAE Indonesia there are 3 studios and the three are integrated with each other. The challenge of this project is how to set the recording as effectively as possible. Because they use different studios, students must be careful in channel determination and are required to give reasons for each decision during recording, both in the pre-recording process and during production. For example, why drums are recorded in studio 2, or why vocals are recorded in studio 3; students should be able to account for and raise scientific reasons. The goal is for students to explore further from the recording theory that has been studied before.

During his studies at SAE Indonesia, Ucup worked on several projects with Indonesian musicians. He has worked with Iga Massardi from Bara suara on Pucuk Jam event, recording of Base Jam’s new album, Sandy Canester acoustic session, Erwin Gutawa music school annual concert, Djarum virtual concert; and he was often assisted at Electronic Music Performance events at the end of SAE Indonesia’s Electronic Music Production course.

Ucup’s plan after graduating from SAE was to help run Raissa Faranda’s music studio, armor guitarist and SAE Audio student. Ucup has worked on several projects with Zirah. So, in addition to finding chemistry, Ucup has also understood the audio needs of Armor. He will also work freelance, and wants to have his own vendor who focuses on live recording.


Raissa Faranda


Anissa Yasmin


Talitha Mailangkay


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