Music Business Talk with Sounds From The Corner | Archipelago Festival | SAE Open House


28 Sep 2017





Music Business Talk with Sounds From The Corner | Archipelago Festival | SAE Open House

Documentation is more important than ever in the age of digital. Learn firsthand how to establish a robust digital presence and reach out to your future audience via online documentation. For you who are interested in creating, distributing and ultimately monetizing your Online Music Documentation, this seminar is a must. This talk is part of Archipelago Festival pre-event, presented by Sounds From The Corner & Studiorama.

Sunday October 1st, 2017, 3pm

"Online Music Documentation" by Teguh Wicaksono - Sounds From The Corner

SAE Institute Jakarta
Pejaten Raya 31
Pasar Minggu

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There will be Archipelago Festival TICKET BOX available during SAE Open House, Sunday Oct 1st, 1-5pm
Special Offers for Students (SAE/Other School/University)
Rp 100.000 for 1 Day or Rp 200.000 for 2 Days. Bring Your Student ID!

Sounds From The Corner

Sounds From the Corner is an online project that curates and produces music performances from Indonesia with focus in quality.

Archipelago Festival
Archipelago Festival is a Music Conference & Emerging Talent Festival. Archipelago pays respect to people that are contributing enormous value to the music industry in Indonesia. The festival also gathers people to talk about important issues around the local music ecosystem such as record label, music festival, digital presence, brands and many more. Archipelago is built as a melting pot within the infrastructure. The two-day festival is also home of fresh, emerging new talents who deserve big big love in local and global scene. We do it with love and passion. If you’re doing anything related to music in Indonesia, this is the place to go.


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