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Concatenate Us is the final project of Geddi Jaddi Membummi to earn the Bachelor of Arts degree from SAE Indonesia.

Concatenate Us means ‘Who Unites Us’. Geddi created this work in the hope that this installation could be a reminder and could unite the audience with the universe. Every one of us has to take care of the environment because the sustainability of nature will have an impact on our lives.

The purpose of the creation of this work is to find answers by using interactive sound in medium digital installation art. The use of this sound can enhance the ‘immersive’ or immersive experience; fused with the universe.

“I’ve been looking forward to a good time where I can create installation art combined with technology. This project is my starting point to continue exploring art; because I believe the art has no limits. I think we can create something without quickly labeling and judging,” Geddi said.

The final project was assisted by: Head of Audio Department SAE Indonesia Yandha Krishna, Student Service Coordinator/ Electronic Music Production Lecturer SAE Indonesia Lawrence Philip, as Geddi tutor.


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