‘Morning Routine’ A New Single by Getch

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Getch is the moniker of SAE Audio alumni Geddi Jaddi Membummi. After graduating in 2020 with a brilliant final project Concatenate Us and won SAE Awards 2020  Best Audio Project category, Getch further established himself in the electronic music scene.

As a multi-instrumentalist/producer/songwriter, Getch creates a lot of jingles, music scores, and sound branding. His musical references come from various genres such as electronic, jazz, city pop, rnb, etc. The combination of various genres makes Getch’s music dynamic.

Having previously released two singles, What If and Jangan Pernah Berhenti, Getch has released his third single: Morning Routine. Inspired by people who are doing their morning routine. Getch also felt the positive energy and spirit of the people’s morning activities. “Sometimes, I feel bad when I’m lazing around. I don’t enjoy what I do, and sometimes lose hope of my own passion. But I realized when I try not to rush, I can be grateful and appreciative of the little things, the relief of taking a deep breath, doing the things I like and thinking things without pressure, and loving what I do.” Getch said.

Like the storyline of a story, ‘Morning Routine’ begins with the cheerful atmosphere of the house in the morning. Then various instruments are present and make a passionate composition to start the day; Getch’s reaction to the inspiration he gets from seeing people’s activities. He hopes the inspiration he gets can change him for the better every day; It starts with a positive morning routine.



This Electronic/Pop genre song has varied instrumentation, mixing of electronic sounds, various foley sounds and different mixing perspectives. Through this single, Getch hopes to be able to give a new color to the local music scene.

Let’s hear his Morning Routine!


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